When You Arrive


Our goal is a warm and welcoming experience for everyone. We have tea and coffee waiting, and you can easily find information about Focus Church at a seat of your choice, or at our Next Steps area.

Some friendly people will most likely greet you, but feel no pressure to be unnaturally extroverted.

The Event

Our gatherings begin with modern, upbeat music. We call it worship

One of our pastors or a guest speaker will teach for 30-35 minutes about helpful topics that relate to real life. Everything is Bible based and focuses on the good news of Jesus. The goal of our teaching is to know God more and learn to live a life of meaning and purpose.

No Pressure

Feel free to just blend in and observe! No one is going to point you out and make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to join anything, sign up, or give any money.

We will give our regular attenders and members an opportunity to give financially toward the mission and vision of Focus Church, but don’t feel pressure to give.

We usually have lots of first time guests and people checking out church for the first time, so you won’t feel like everyone is focused on you.

Afterward, we have more coffee, tea, and good snacks, and time to hang out, meet someone new, or ask questions. You are our guest, so make yourself at home!

Plan your visit

Getting There


On most Sundays we meet at Kultuurikatel, an event venue at the convergence of Kalamaja and Oldtown, near the sea. The official address is Põhja puiestee 27a.

Check Location


Then entrance to our rooms is not visible from the street. The red door can be found on the West side of the building (the left side of the building when looking from Old Town), behind the entrance to the Energy Discovery Center (Energia Avastakeskus).

Follow the signs and look for our greeting team. 

Tram or Bus

By tram or bus, the Linnahall stop lets you off directly in front of the Kultuurikatel.


Sunday parking is free in the parking lot just behind Circle K, which is on the East side, next to the Kultuurikatel building.

Check In Your Children

You and your children will be greeted by our Focus Kids Team. 

For children up to age 5, we have a room staffed with teachers where they will have fun with toys and some structured craft and lesson time.

Children ages 6-12 can join our Focus Kids class. There they can enjoy music, a lesson, games, and more, in both English and Estonian.

Pick up a headset

Our services are offered in English with Estonian translation. If you are with a guest who prefers to listen in Estonian, simply stop by the info table to pick up a translation headset!

Make yourself comfortable 

Grab some coffee or tea, find a comfortable seat, and watch some of our video announcements.