He is More Than Enough

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He is More than Enough­ – Let Him quench….

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” Psalm 42:1 (NIV)

It was an especially rough day at work. Long hours, dealing with people that had short tempers and just a pile of paperwork that seemed to be going nowhere fast. So of course as soon as I could leave, I did. And just as I had in the past, I headed to the grocery store for some relief in the form of a snickers bar. Now to some reading this, eating a candy bar may not seem like a big deal.

However for me, it was. Over the years I’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with food. I turn to it to make me feel good, deal with stress and cope with difficulties. So there I was walking home eating this treat thinking how much better I now felt. Now again, turning to a candy bar may not seem like a big deal but what if it were something else? A cigarette or two, a beer or three, a pill or four? A shopping spree to feel better, spending money that should be saved instead? What have you turned to when for a moment of pleasure? A temporary relief that maybe wasn’t so good for you in the long run?

What I should have done after a long day of feeling tired, stressed and burnt out was pray. That should have been my first approach. That’s what all of us should strive to accomplish in our lives. Make God our first priority and not our last resort.

It may not be drugs or alcohol but addiction to things or people to feel better is an issue that should be dealt with. Reasonably speaking, it’s not my intention to attempt and solve such deep issues in this blog. I believe it will take more than a few paragraphs. It is my hope though, that these words will touch your heart in some way to encourage you to take one step closer to God.

During a time of fasting it’s important that we are denying the flesh, clinging closer to God, knowing like you know beyond all doubt that we serve the most High God. Take time to be still and know all things that He has done and continue to do will be for your ultimate good. Have no doubts, be bold, be secure and be steadfast that He is the ultimate caretaker. He is a good good father. One that will quench every thirst, every hunger, every need, every desire. We just have to take one step closer. And often times that will mean letting go of temporary pleasures to pursue eternal peace.

– Mena –

Mena is a believer & a follower of Christ who wants to encourage others to live out a God sized life & destiny.

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