Activities to help you grow and find new friends

Connect groups are all about meeting people and connecting with others to grow personally. Find something that you enjoy and try it out. Contact the leader of each connect group for more information.

Art in Focus

We are going to make a masterpiece from a blank paper, take your favorite brush, pencil and friend 😉
Follow us on Facebook to know about location and time.
FB Group: Art in Focus
Starting Date: October 28

Contacts: Tanya+Anita

Into the Wilderness! Hiking Group

If you are tired of the everyday buzz of city life and longing for a reflective walk in the wilderness, then this is a perfect group for you! We will meet once a month to explore an interesting trail, enjoy nature and good company
Location: Every month a different trail
Leader: Liis Juuse
One Saturday a month
FB Page: Into the wilderness (hiking connect group)

Bible Study

Read and study the Bible by books and characters. Every week we will read a chapter in a book starting from the New Testament and discuss it. We will be meeting every Wednesday from 18-19:30 and it will also be possible online for those who cannot join in person
Leaders: Evette Biyouga + Isaac Awa
Every Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30 at Tulema 15/23
FB Page: Bible study group focus
Location: Every month a different trail

Yarn & Needles Knitting Group

Take your hooks and needles out! Bring your projects! You never know who you might inspire with your talent, what conversations you might have with other craft lovers, and what new friends you might meet as you happily enjoy the hobby you love
Leader: Melody Jamieson
Every other Thursday 18:00 at Liivalaia 32-45
FB Page: Yarn and Needles

Kitchen Conversations Women's Group

It is a group for women to connect in a cozy atmosphere while sharing snacks, warm drinks and meaningful conversations
Leader: Lacie Vasquez
Every other Friday 18:00 - 20:00
FB Page: Kitchen Conversations

Young Adults

Let's meet and discuss life, Jesus and all kinds of other things. We meet together on Thursdays at 7pm!
Leaders: Max + Dawn
Thursdays 19:00 at Väike-Paterei 8a
FB Page: Focus Church Tallinn Young Adults

Mommy & Me

Meet up with other moms and kids for supportive fellowship. You can find and share supportive information with other mommies who want to grow as a parent, friend, and individual while providing the best possible care and sharing unconditional love with our little ones
Leader: Eike Ülevain
Thursdays 10:30 - 12 at Narva mnt 51 (Methodist Church)
FB Page: Mommy & Me

Singing in Estonian

We come together to sing Christian songs in Estonian language
Leader: Eva-Liisa Luhamets
Every other Tuesday 18:30 - 20:00 at Vindi 18a-61
FB Group: Singing in Estonian


Every Sunday we will meet at 17:00 and play until we can't play anymore. Join our group on Facebook to know about the location. Don't forget to bring a friend!

Focus Guys Development Group

A men's group for personal development, with a focus on relationship with God, self and community
Leader: Rodney Corcorran
Every other Thursday 18:30 at Lasnamäe 4c-23
FB Page: Focus Guys Development Group

Changes that heal

A 5 session video study and group discussion of Dr. Henry Cloud's book, Changes That Heal, addressing the developmental steps that affect every area of life. There are biblical solutions for struggles with depression, anxiety, panic, addictions and guilt. These solutions lie in understanding certain basic developmental tasks that involve growing up into the "likeness" of the Creator
Leader: Melody Jamieson
Every other Thursday 18:30 - 20:00 at Liivalaia 32-45
FB Page: Changes that Heal

Courses specially designed to help you grow

Alpha Course

Do you have questions about faith and the meaning of life? Alpha Course is the perfect place to explore! During 9 weeks you’ll hear a talk about the Christian faith, then have an opportunity afterward to discuss freely - no judgment.
If you’re ready to explore, you can join us once a week, from the 2nd week of October.
In order to keep the meetings with a reduced number of people, this season we are going to do Alpha a bit different: each week you will meet with your small group in the comfort of a host home.
If you are interested in participate in the course or hosting / leading a group, make sure to fill the form bellow:

Learning To Follow Jesus

Learning to Follow is a simple, practical guide for those who want to learn to follow Jesus. This book is designed for someone who is new to following Jesus or someone who has called themselves a Christian for years.
There are seven essential attributes of the follower of Jesus and together, with a Coach you will go step-by-step to development each attribute.
To get the most out of this relationship and the book, you will need to read the biblical passages, memorize the Scriptures, write out your answers in the book, pray the prayers, and discuss your progress with a spiritual coach. The goal is not simply to complete the book. The goal is that you will be growing in each of the seven attributes for the rest of your life.

Life Challenge

This 7 weeks program consists of teaching on Sundays followed by a discussion in a Life Group setting (5-8 people with pre-selected reading and discussion material) using Zoom Meeting spaces.