Activities to help you grow and find new friends

Connect groups are all about meeting people and connecting with others to grow personally. You can find all the groups here, below.  Find something that you enjoy and try it out. Contact the leader of each connect group for more information.

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Yarn & Needles

Naiste Osadus

Naiste Osadus – Women's discussion group || Naiste vestlusgrupp
Discussion is in Estonian. || Eesti keeles
Üheskoos arutame Piibli kirjakohti, palvetame ja laulame. Julgustame üksteist ja jagame igapäeva muresid ja rõõme.

Leaders/ Juhid: Kristiina ja Kätlin

Wednesdays at 18:00 – Alternating locations.
Kolmapäeviti kl 18.00 - erinevates asukohtades

Contact/ Kontakt: või
FB Group/ FB grupp:

Level Up

Level Up Youth
Discussion is in English. || Inglise keeles

A special group for pre-teens/teenagers ages 12 - 19. We meet for food, games, and talking about Jesus.
Noortegrupp varateismelistele ja teismelistele vanuses 12-19 aastat. Kohtume, et süüa, mängida koos mänge ja et rääkida Jeesusest.

Leader/ Juht: Sarabeth

Every other Friday at 18:00 – Alternating locations.
Igal teisel reedel kl 18.00 - erinevates asukohtades

Contact/ Kontakt:
FB Group/ FB grupp:


Activate – Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball || Sise- ja välisvõrkpall

Cold season: A few Fridays or Sundays a month. Costs are involved to rent a court followed by a sauna session.
Hot season : every week on the beach. More details in the FB-group.
Külmal hooajal: Paar korda kuus, reedel või pühapäeval. Igale osalejale kehtib osalustasu, mis sisaldab võrkpalliplatsi ning sauna renti.
Soojal hooajal: igal nädalal rannas. Rohkem infot FB- grupis
FB Group/ FB grupp:

Young Adults

Young Adults – Discussion Group || Vestlusgrupp

Discussion is in English || Inglise keeles

Let's meet and discuss life, Jesus, and all kinds of other things.
Kohtume ja arutame teemadel nagu elu, Jeesus ja palju muud.

Leaders/ Juhid: Liina-Liis & Sarabeth

Thursdays at 19:00 - Alternating locations.
Neljapäeviti kl 19.00 - erinevates asukohtades

Contact/ Kontakt: /
FB Group/ FB grupp:

Bible Study

Bible Study Group || Piibligrupp
Discussion is in English || Inglise keeles

Read and study the Bible by books and characters. Every week we will read a chapter in a book starting from the New Testament and discuss it.
Loeme ja uurime Piiblit raamatute ja tegelaste kaupa. Igal nädalal loeme mõne Uue Testamendi raamatu peatüki ja arutame selle sõnumit.

Leaders/ Juhid: Evette & Isaac

Every other Wednesday 18:30 at Tulema 15-35
Igal teisel kolmapäeval kl 18.30 aadressil Tulema 15-35

Contact/ Kontakt: /
FB Group/ FB Grupp:

Sauna 101

Sauna 101
Discussion is in English and Estonian. || Inglise ja eesti keeles

Sauna is a great place to relax and ponder upon life. Once a month sauna night in one of the public saunas in Tallinn. (Men & Women separate) Costs are involved to buy your sauna ticket. Saun on suurepärane koht lõõgastumiseks ja elu üle mõtisklemiseks. Saunaõhtu toimub kord kuus ühes Tallinna avalikest saunadest. (Mehed ja naised eraldi.) Igale osalejale kehtib osalustasu, et katta saunaga kaasnevad kulud.

Leaders/ Juhid: Kristin & Jordy

Contact/ Kontakt: /
FB Group:


2.0 - Berean School of the Bible (BSB) is an adult continuing education program. BSB courses do not earn college credit but continuing education units. We have been given a discounted cost for the courses here in Estonia. There is a one-time application fee of 9,50€ and each course is 22,00€. The course is conducted online, with a study group meeting every 2-3 weeks (TBD) to go over questions, discuss any part of the reading or study of interest to anyone. The unit tests are explored discussing any questions re: answers.
More info:

Focus Guys Development Group

Focus Guys Development Group – Men's Group || Meeste osadusgrupp
Discussion is in English and Estonian. || Inglise ja eesti keeles

A men's group for personal development, with a focus on a relationship with God, self, and community.
Osadusgrupp meestele isiklikuks arenguks seades fookuseks suhted Jumala, iseenda ja kogukonnaga.

Leader/juht: Rodney

Every other Thursday at 18:30 – Alternating locations.
Igal teisel neljapäeval kl 18.30 - erinevates asukohtades

Contact/ Kontakt:
FB Group/ FB grupp:

Bible Nights

Bible Nights! - Bible Study Group || Piibligrupp
Discussion is in English. || Inglise keeles.

Come explore the story of the Bible!
Have you ever felt that the Old Testament is boring, confusing, or difficult?
We spend time reading the Bible story together, ask curious questions, and together discover more of who God is and how the Old Testament is relevant to our lives, and how it is pointing towards Jesus.
We use this web-app:

Tule uuri Piibli lugu!
Kas oled kunagi tundnud, et Vana Testament on igav, segane või raske?
Veedame üheskoos aega Piiblit lugedes, esitame küsimusi ja avastame rohkem seda, kes on Jumal ja kuidas Vana Testament meie elus rakendub ning kuidas see osutab Jeesusele.
Me kasutame seda veebirakendust:

Leaders/ Juhid: Annelise & Orlando

Tuesdays at 19:00 – Alternating locations.
Teisipäeviti kl 19.00 – erinevates asukohtades

Contact/ Kontakt:
FB Group:


Closer - worship & prayer group ||ülistus- ja palvegrupp

We gather on Wednesday nights to worship and pray together.
For more information, join our FB-group.
Kohtume kolmapäeva õhtuti erinevates kodudes et koos ülistada ja palvetada. Liitu meie Fb-grupiga, et saada rohkem infot.
Tule uuri Piibli lugu!

Leaders/ Juhid: Imre

Wednesday at 19:00 – Alternating locations.
Kolmapäeviti kl 19.00 – erinevates asukohtades
FB Group:

Courses specially designed to help you grow

Alpha Course

Do you have questions about faith and the meaning of life? Alpha Course is the perfect place to explore! During 9 weeks you’ll hear a talk about the Christian faith, then have an opportunity afterward to discuss freely - no judgment.
If you’re ready to explore, you can join us once a week.
In order to keep the meetings with a reduced number of people, this season we are going to do Alpha a bit different: each week you will meet with your small group in the comfort of a host home.
If you are interested in participate in the course or hosting / leading a group, make sure to fill the form bellow:

Learning To Follow Jesus

Learning to Follow is a simple, practical guide for those who want to learn to follow Jesus. This book is designed for someone who is new to following Jesus or someone who has called themselves a Christian for years.
There are seven essential attributes of the follower of Jesus and together, with a Coach you will go step-by-step to development each attribute.
To get the most out of this relationship and the book, you will need to read the biblical passages, memorize the Scriptures, write out your answers in the book, pray the prayers, and discuss your progress with a spiritual coach. The goal is not simply to complete the book. The goal is that you will be growing in each of the seven attributes for the rest of your life.

Life Challenge

This 7 weeks program consists of teaching on Sundays followed by a discussion in a Life Group setting (5-8 people with pre-selected reading and discussion material) using Zoom Meeting spaces.