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By September 15, 2017 No Comments

A whole new season has begun. In terms of the weather, yes, but also in terms of my life – work, daily schedule, friends, and personal desires. It takes a couple days to adjust, but then my adventurous side kicks in and I am almost soaring on a wave of emotions as I think about what can be! This season brings me back to doing something I love: teaching swimming. And as I analyze what more I find myself doing, the theme of teaching or mentoring is a big block of green on my calendar. Maybe I am in a season of discovering a talent of my character.

Finding avenues to exercise this characteristic is a whole different side of my personality. While I love meeting people, the idea of establishing myself in leadership roles to exercise and grow in teaching requires more personal motivation and a time to establish trust. So, here I find myself in Focus Church leading a group of women to study the Bible together, hoping that they all come with some amount of grace. Half of me has to take time to breathe and relax when I think of the responsibility that requires, but half of me wants to dive head first and see if I sink or swim!

I am so grateful that there are people who live their lives encouraging others. I am so thankful for the friends and leaders at Focus who trust me and who want to see me succeed in life. You don’t find that everywhere that you look. Sometimes family fails me, sometimes friends are too busy, and even I don’t succeed 100 percent of the time. But it is at that point where I look at people and ask God for the strength and wisdom. And it is at that point I realize I am better living life together with a God who is more faithful to listen and encourage me.

And then I look back at my situation and find that I am better together with people, no matter how human they are. I am a better teacher when I actually have a swimmer in the water. The Bible sometimes makes more sense when I can use my gift and teach it to others. My friendships actually mean something when there is a second person in the relationship.

Find your gifting and share it. You are truly better together with others.

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– Shannon Kiprich –

Shannon is a swimming teacher, kombucha producer, networker by nature and a Connect Group Leader.   

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