Better Together – Part 2

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If you dare to find yourself in a pool with me, it won’t be a time just to relax and splash water. Immediately the coach in me comes out and I am talking to you about arm position and water-drag reduction. In 5 minutes you either realize you want to learn or that you need a looooong break in the mullivann (jacuzzi). If you are a coach of anything then you know how to relate to this situation.

And if you are a trainee of any coach you can also relate…to the desire to learn or the not-so-desire to learn. But maybe you find yourself in the mullivann thinking that it would be nice to be able to swim like a professional athlete, or nice just to swim without taking on water. You can try YouTube, but that might be a little difficult with the phone and water mixture. You can write yourself some tips and try to put them into practice, but when you have questions what do you do? Ask the teenage lifeguard who seems to have no interest in anything besides the paycheck? Or, do you decide that it would be nice to have a coach by your side to refer to?

This is the same situation in life. Having a coach or mentor close has many advantages over self-help techniques like YouTube learning or just reading suggestions from a book. But having a friend, a human, a person to actually communicate with and ask the right questions with is the best you can do! From the beginning, we were in a relationship with the best mentor possible, God. Through His Spirit (also known as the counselor, coach, mentor, guru), He gives us the best advice and understanding if we are willing to be with Him and even dare to ask those questions that have been hidden from the world. And the result is a much better version of ourselves

In the same way, God has provided wise, compassionate, talented people around us to help us. We refer to these coaches in times of need. So the question is: do you have a mentor/coach around you to help you through what you are struggling with? Do you have someone around you that you trust as you choose to grow deeper with God?

We are all doing this thing called life, and with all my life experiences I can definitely say that we do it better when we are together.

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– Shannon Kiprich –

Shannon is a swimming teacher, kombucha producer, networker by nature and a Connect Group Leader.

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