At Focus Church, we want to help people make Jesus and his mission the focus of their lives. There is a place for you to be a part of this mission- whether it’s greeting people as they come in, playing an instrument on the worship team, joining our Focus Kids support team, or serving coffee and sweet food as people connect. It’s easy for you to be a part, whether it’s once a month or every weekend!

Fill out the form below, check the box for each area you are interested in, and hit send. We will contact you with more info!




Focus Kids: Help kids of all ages discover who Jesus is and grow in their relationship with Him.First Contact: Making first, second, third contact with people who attend Focus Church. Greeting at the door, shaking hands, or helping people choose a seat. Everything is important to help another person know they are welcome at Focus.Hospitality: Help prepare refreshments and provide an atmosphere that is irresistible.Music and Creative Arts: Use your talents and creativity to help people worship God.Tech Team: Help others experience God through sound, media, video, and translation.Facilities: Help maintain our facilities to create an environment to connect people with God.Administrative: Work behind the scenes to help with the daily processes of Focus Church.Outreach: Serve and bless the community and world around us.Prayer: Dedication to the needs of the church and community through prayer.Marketing: Contribute to the growth of Focus Church through multiple platforms such as social media.Alpha: Help to create the perfect atmosphere for people to explore the Christian faith. This includes setting up, praying, greeting, preparing meals, hosting a table, and more.Connect Group Leader: Lead a group of people to connect to one another and connect to God. Training will be offered and required for all leaders.

Please let us know any questions or other comments you have.