Focus Church is different than you may imagine. We have a band rather than an organ. We hang out and get to know each other over free flowing coffee and food. We talk about real life, and dream up ways to make a true difference for people and the community.

Dress however you feel comfortable. You’ll find most people dress casual.

Our talks are given in English, and we have translation into Estonian through headsets.

Your kids will have a great time at Focus Kids. We will register them with nametags, and you can pick them up when you are ready to leave. The tiny ones are also welcome – we will watch them, if you like, so you can enjoy being with other adults.

Our band and music team will play some great, meaningful music, and you’ll find us singing along.

We’ll have some announcements and give an opportunity for our regular attenders to give toward the vision and expenses of Focus Church. Then one of our pastors will give a 30-minute talk from the Bible that relates directly to real life.

Our goal is to make this experience fun, meaningful, and an inspirational highlight of the week. We want you to feel free to check everything out without any pressure.



The mission of Focus Church is to help people make Jesus and his mission the focus of their lives.

Jesus has revolutionized our lives in incredible ways. Why would we want to keep that to ourselves?

Focus Church is an outward focused group of people who want to make a difference in peoples lives, and we want to have a lot of fun along the way.

We’re not very religious, and we are definitely not perfect. But Jesus loves us so much that He works on us, like an artist working with clay. Jesus has done so much to create an amazing story out of our lives that we are really passionate about Him – you’ll find us talking a lot about this man!

Our approach is simple. We help people grow in three relational directions: Up, In, and Out.

  • Up

    Our relationship
    with God.

  • In

    Our relationships with each other

  • Out

    Our impact on the world around us.